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The Importance of Web Design for Your Business

Written by Long Le on . Posted in Blog, Website Designs

The Importance of Web Design | Distrakt Art

Want to know a good technique to beat your competitors?

Web design.

Why? Simple, it builds trust, knowing the effort and investment you put into your business.

The web design of your website is one of the factors that can either make or break your business.

Since it is the first thing that your visitors may notice and encounter, there is a tendency that the amount of time your visitor stays on your site will depend on the quality and the effectiveness of your web design.

Unfortunately, most of your prospects and customers will either close the window or look to other websites the moment they realize that you have a bad web design because you don’t know the importance of web design.

Having a bad web design will give you high bouncing rates which means your website is not effective in keeping your visitors and this could then result to lower conversion rates.

In order to avoid this, follow some of these proven methods when creating a website.

The Effective Website Design

Your web design must have qualities such as usability and user friendly interface design. It doesn’t necessary requires creative skills and high quality designs, but you need to understanding how an effective website should be laid out.

Start up business owners who want to have their own website design but don’t have the knowledge, skills, and time should hire a website designer or some way of study in the importance of web design.

Understand that the design of your website plays a crucial factor for your business. And in order to make your website effective and bring in results or increasing trust in your visitors, it must have the qualities of functionality, usability, and user-friendly interface design.

Method 1: A Critical Landing Page

The main importance of a landing page is to have visitors gather the benefits of your product or services and clearly able to click on your call to action.

There are proven methods to layout the landing page, but we will go over this on another blog post.

Method 2: The Ultimate Compelling Headline

Basic Copywriting techniques can help visitors want to engage into your content. Your writing can build trust to your visitors and show that you know what your talking about.

Headlines must be compelling and persuasive for visitors to read your contents or advertisements.

Method 3: Keep it Above the Fold

Not many people realize this, but an effective way to have visitors click on your most important information is “Above the Fold”. This means the height of your screen without scrolling down. People don’t like to scroll down, they like to scan. We want quick information, so keep your most important call to actions Above the Fold.

Method 4: The Continuous Blogging

We all love and hate writing, but with this an Informational Age where people love to gather all their information before buying anything. Having a blog can help your visitors understand what your selling or get information about your product or services before they decide to buy. This is an option, but it is also a well proven method.

You may have thought you need a really creative artistic web design, but the truth is, a design that is effective for visitors is what counts the most. Although it is recommended to keep up with the design, you wouldn’t want an outdated HTML website design to represent your business, would you?

There are plenty of more proven methods that can boost your visitors trust and help you gain regular visitors. These are just a few of an effective website design and the importance of web designs.

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