54 Best Self Discipline Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Goals

by Usama Khan
discipline quotes

Are you looking to get your life in order by becoming more self-disciplined? Well, we have the perfect discipline quotes for you to help you get started and overcome your failures and avoid the pain of regrets.

Self-discipline is often what separates the best from the rest – it is the bridge between goals, as they say. Without self-discipline, a person’s chances of becoming successful are significantly reduced.

With infinite distractions in the shape of social and digital media, it is easy to lose focus and keep track of your time every day. But if you have self-discipline and prioritize your daily activities, you will find it relatively easier to achieve your dreams.

There comes a time when we feel helpless, distracted, or on the verge of giving up. These are the times we need someone on our side to help us control our emotions. But remember, not everyone has someone to support them through tough times. Therefore, it is important that you practice self-discipline.

If you are looking for some motivation when going through a rough patch, don’t worry! Read the discipline quotes in this article to get inspired. Remember, every successful journey begins with the mastery of a key virtue.

Quotes to Help You Get Inspired

1. “If I want to be great I have to win the victory over myself… self-discipline.”—Harry S. Truman

2. “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment.”—Jim Rohn

3. “I could only achieve success in my life through self-discipline, and I applied it until my wish and my will become one.”—Nikola Tesla

4. “Self-command is the main discipline.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

5. “One discipline always leads to another discipline.”—Jim Rohn

6. “Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”—Lou Holtz

7. “He who lives without discipline dies without honor.”—Icelandic Proverb

8. “The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.”—William Arthur Ward

9. “You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”—Marcus Aurelius

10. “Self-discipline is the no.1 delineating factor between the rich, the middle class, and the poor.”—Robert Kiyosaki

11. “If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind.”—Lao Tzu

12. “Find what you love to do and go do it. You will never be successful until you have a plan, and the discipline and determination to go through with that plan.”—Julius Williams

13. “The more I disciplined myself to take notice of the good things in life, the more I began to recognize just how much there is to be thankful for.”—Krystal Kuehn

14. “Knowledge can determine your persistence but when it is not put into practice through skills or properly applied through attitude, then knowledge will be useless.”—Thelma Barnes

15. “Leaders are rarely born; they are made. Persistence and circumstance play a bigger role in developing a great leader than initial circumstances ever will, so it is this discipline that you must work on building within your personality.”—Kula Sellathurai and Raymond Aaron

16. “It is discipline that will help you follow through on the commitment you made on your wedding day.”—David Khalil

17. “Mentors are advocates, advisers, and role models. You do not need a degree in psychology or hours of special training to be a mentor. All that is required is the commitment to make a difference, the willingness to listen and hear, and the discipline to balance your heart and your mind.”—Thomas Dortch

18. “The best sort of character, however, cannot be formed without effort. There needs the exercise of constant self-watchfulness, self-discipline, and self-control.”—Samuel Smiles

19. “One-half of life is luck; the other half is discipline – and that’s the important half. For without discipline you wouldn’t know what to do with luck.”—Carl Zuckmeyer

20. “Many pet owners make the mistake of being too easy or too hard on their dogs. Harsh physical discipline is usually never necessary. But spoiling your dog and ignoring or even condoning problem behaviors is also a horrible idea.”—Fanny Doright

21. “Discipline takes courage and perseverance, but it pays off.”—Joan Price

22. “The basis of positive discipline is to educate or raise children with love and firmness at the same time. It is giving him or her the opportunity to grow up in a home where freedom, love, and limits are allowed.”—Henry Quilaq

23. “The future of their child depends on how they were raised at home. Thus, the foundation they receive from us is the same criteria they know well to self-discipline and raise their own child in the future.”—David Bishopson

24. “When you have strong self-discipline you will be prepared to overcome any kind of obstacles that you might encounter on your journey towards creating good habits.”–Ronald Valentino

25. “A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.”—Dalai Lama

26. “If you don’t teach your child discipline, you are preparing him poorly for life.”—Bethany Bridges

27. “True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.”—Mortimer J. Adler

28. “Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.”—Abraham Joshua Heschel

29. “Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life.”—Ann Landers

Ready to Achieve Self Control and Conquer Your Goals?

These 29 discipline quotes and self-control must have motivated you to get your life in order and achieve your goals and accomplishments. But don’t go anywhere yet! We have some more self-discipline quotes that will surely inspire you to develop new habits, work harder and smarter to achieve your goals in life.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. In fact, self-discipline is important in every professional field. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, an employee, an employer, or running your own business; consistently working towards your dreams with discipline is important for success.

Read the remaining self-discipline quotes below and get ready to achieve self-control and hunt down your goals with hunger and passion. If you want to amp up your success, perhaps one thing that needs to be done is look into developing a billionaire mindset to carve out the right path for you.

Take Full Control of Your Self Discipline With Some More Inspiring Quotes

30. “You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself… the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. … And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

31. “Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying no to our impulses (even the ones that are not inherently sinful) puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. It deposes our lust and permits truth, virtue, and integrity to rule our minds instead.”—John MacArthur Jr.

32. “Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.”—John Wooden

33. “Whether our action is wholesome or unwholesome depends on whether that action or deed arises from a disciplined or undisciplined state of mind. It is felt that a disciplined mind leads to happiness and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering, and in fact it is said that bringing about discipline within one’s mind is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching.”—Dalai Lama XIV

34. “Always Remember to take your Vitamins: Take your Vitamin A for ACTION, Vitamin B for Belief, Vitamin C for Confidence, Vitamin D for Discipline, Vitamin E for Enthusiasm!!”—Pablo

35. “When an individual is motivated by great and powerful convictions of truth, then he disciplines himself, not because of the demands of the church, but because of the knowledge within his heart.”—Gordon B. Hinckley

36. “Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It’s a state of mind – you could call it character in action.”—Vince Lombardi 

37. “It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you’ve got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not yet a winner.”—Vince Lombardi

38. “Each person has the motivation and the drive to become self-disciplined if they put their minds to it and the time and effort that will be required for success.”—Mike C. Adams

39. “Effective discipline is the willingness to force yourself to pay the price, and to do what you know you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. This is critical for success.”—Brian Tracy 

40. “Successful, effective people are those who launch directly into their major tasks and then discipline themselves to work steadily and single-mindedly until those tasks are complete.”—Brian Tracy

41. “It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.”—Clint Eastwood

42. “When you are angry, it is easier for you to over discipline. Your anger may be perceived by your child as a personal attack.”–Lou Priolo

43. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”–Jim Rohn

44. “That aim in life is the highest, which requires the highest and finest discipline.”–Henry David Thoreau

45. “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”–Elbert Hubbard

46. “The mind that is properly disciplined and directed to definite ends is an irresistible power that recognizes no such reality as permanent defeat.”–Napoleon Hill

47. “I don’t stop when I’m tired. I Stop when I’m done.”–David Goggins

48. “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”–Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson, actor 

49. “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity.”—Calvin Coolidge

50. “Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best side of every event.” –Ray Bunnett

51. “Men need discipline! Countries need discipline! The world needs discipline! He who wants to be successful needs discipline! Be a man of discipline!”–Mehmet Murat Ildan

52. “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”–Paul J. Meyer

53. “The ability to discipline yourself today to delay gratification in the short term to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”–Maxwell Maltz

54. “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”–George Washington

If you’ve ever wondered how the great minds of history led their empires, you may get some idea in our latest post on Sun Tzu and his form of leadership.

A Few Final Thoughts to Motivate You

Nothing of value in life is easy to achieve. You always have to put in the hard work. But the truth is, some days you will not feel like putting in the work. You will feel tired and you will doubt yourself.

The option of giving up will be such a huge lure. But remember, these moments of self-doubt are only temporary!

Face each of these moments as a challenge to overcome your obstacles and improve the level of success you achieve. And self-discipline comes as a key element that will help you overcome these challenges.

Do what needs to be done. Develop greatness of character. A little progress every day mounts up to produce significant results, which in return leads to satisfaction and happiness. No matter what, just keep going forward in life.

However, it is important to understand that you do not have to work tirelessly every day because it might negatively affect your health. It’s OK to take breaks now and then.

But it is also important to keep your priorities in check. Don’t waste time on meaningless things. Focus on constant self-development and learning instead.

Having self-discipline and self-control is probably one of the hardest things to achieve. But once you have the motivation to develop this virtue, the road to success becomes a lot easier. The journey becomes fruitful, and your dreams themselves will motivate you to work harder towards achieving them.

You can always count on the above discipline quotes when you are feeling down and facing a hard time. Take a break and do something fun. Once your mind is refreshed, come back and read these self-discipline quotes to remind yourself of the importance of having discipline in life and eventually build self-respect.

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