by Long Le

Our Story

Our environment has a significant impact on who we are and what we aspire to become. Distrakt Art creates an ideal space filled with creations that inspire your ambitions through canvas art.

Whether you’re hustling at the office, working out at the gym, or building your vision, we’re always creating new pieces to remind and motivate you towards your goals.

A past project that was lost in random ideas. It began from side hustles, long nights grinding, and years of experimenting. The journey led to take a path of ownership, perseverance, mindset, and vision. In a decision to step back and create something that reminds us where we came from and inspire those ambitions again.

We’re a group of hustlers and entrepreneurs that want to inspire others through art. We only provide top quality canvas art that fuels your motivation to get back hustling on your goals.

Strengthen Your Daily Hustle with Inspirational Canvas Wall Art

The right design does more than just make your room look good. It can be a reflection of your journey and whatever way you need motivation for your hustle. Each design made to get you into a mindset to take action toward your goals, while displayed boldly on your walls.

High Quality Canvas & Packaging

Unlike posters, canvases do not fade, tear, or bend easily. All our canvases pass strict quality-control tests before shipment, so you can rest assured that you’ll always receive superior quality products whenever you order and continuous support if ever needed.

High Quality Canvas Wall Art

Vibrant Prints

Each piece is gallery quality and produced through high-resolution printing processes to preserve its vivid colors, depth, and texture.

Visionary Curated Art

We host a large selection of exclusive vivid art prints to suit everyone’s aesthetic for motivation and inspiration.

Durable & Safeguarded Against Damages

Our canvases are coated with an invisible protective layer that protects each art piece against damage by UV rays, dust, and scratches.

Every mounted canvas is handmade and is passed through multiple quality checks for durability.

Easy to Hang Hardware

Our canvas frames are made of lightweight wood and come with attached hanging hardware that makes them easy to hang, straight out of the box.

100% Eco-Friendly Production

All our products are produced in environmentally safe and sustainable conditions.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Mindset, Achieve Your Goals

Get MASSIVE MOTIVATION from these canvas art pieces, perfect for your office, gym, bedroom, or anywhere for inspiration.


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