How to Create a Website with WordPress

How to Create a WordPress WebsiteIf you want to easily create a website, use WordPress.

3 Reasons why WordPress is your best choice.

First, it’s easy to install on most hosting service provider.

Second, it’s very easy to use for anyone that doesn’t know coding. The entire dashboard is self explained.

Third, it’s very easy to design and customize with themes and plugins.

Today, I’ll be showing you the exact step by step on how to create a WordPress website. From setting up your domain, hosting, installing your theme, and customizing your website.

1. Get a Domain Name with a Reliable WordPress Hosting Service

Domain and hosting is required for all website.

Think of a domain name you want to use for your

Use a reliable hosting that’s compatible with WordPress. I highly recommend using SiteGround hosting.

There was a research done on hosting services that are compatible with WordPress. SiteGround proves to be best, not only that they provide a free domain name if you sign up with them.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Choose the StartUp, this is enough for a most websites.

If you’re planning to use your website for eCommerce or for a lot of data, go ahead and use GrowBig or even GoGeek.

SiteGround Free Domain Name

Registering your domain name with SiteGround is free. Enter your name for your domain and click Proceed.

Step 3 requires billing information, go ahead and fill this out.

SiteGround Confirmation Email

Once you’re done, SiteGround will automatically setup your WordPress website and send you an email with the login information.

Login SiteGround Dashboard

Click on the ‘Login to Customer Area’ link.

SiteGround Dashboard

Once you’re in SiteGround Dashboard, click on My Account and click on ‘Go to Admin Panel’, this will redirect you to your website admin login.

WP Login

Login using your credentials.

Now that we’re in, let’s get to the next step…

2. Easily Setup WordPress Settings

You should now see your WordPress dashboard to be similar to this…

WP Dashboard

There are a few things you’ll want to change in WordPress to work much more efficient.

Change your Site name and the Tagline:

Change Site Name

Select and change the Permalinks to /%postname%/ Doing this allow the site for better search engine crawling. It also show a formatted URL instead of symbols like the Plain option.

Post Name Permalinks

Customize your Menu and set the Manage Location. Add your Home link with Custom Links.

Just like how I’ve shown on the image:

Menu Setup

Menu Location

Setup Categories for your Blog.

Highlight your mouse over the Category name and select Edit to change it’s name:


Changed Categories

Once your done, we can move on to the designing of your WordPress website…

Design Like a Pro with WordPress Themes

There are two options:

Use a free theme provided from WordPress community or, purchase a premium theme.

I personally always use premium themes. They have much more options available and flexible for designing.

Premium themes do cost around $30-$50, but it’s worth it. However, it really depends on what you’re using it for.

Since I have a premium theme installed here, we’ll continue the tutorial with premium themes.

This will probably take you some time to find a theme suitable for your website, but if you’re planning to purchase a premium theme follow these steps.


Go to Themeforest and click on the WordPress menu, select the category that relate to your website.

Once you’ve purchased the theme you want, you should have a ZIP file provided.

Inside your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.

Install Theme Zip

Choose and Upload the ZIP file of your purchased Theme. If there’s a Child Zip file included, install this right after.

Install Child Theme

Activate the Child theme inside the Appearance Theme selection.

Visit Site

Highlight your mouse over to the top left of the screen where the name of your site is shown. Click on Visit site.

If you’ve done everything I’ve laid out so far, your website should now be up and running.

Using free WordPress themes:

If you’re using a free theme, here’s how to install a free theme…

Free WordPress Themes

Click on Appearance >Themes > Add New button. Here, there’s a huge selection of free themes you can choose from. Once you’ve found one that you like, click the Install button and follow the instructions to Activate the free theme.

Essential Plugins to Tweak Your Website

Adding WordPress plugins while you create a wordpress website not only will help optimize your site, but can benefit options that your theme doesn’t provide.

Here’s a list of essential plugins I highly recommend you install:

There are many more plugins available, but these are essentials that you should include.

If you’re ready to install plugins, follow these steps…

Install Plugins

Inside your dashboard, click on Plugins then Add New.

In the Search Plugins field, search for the plugins I’ve listed above. Once you find the plugins, click the Install Now buttons and follow the instructions to Active.

That’s it, congrats on creating your WordPress website!

Here’s the next step…

If you find this tutorial useful, share this on social media. If you have question or need help, comment below and I’ll try my best to help.