Motivational Speech For Success In Life

by Long Le

Never Underestimate Yourself

It is only when you stand tall when confronted with adversity and when you show courage where all hope seems to drain from you that you begin to take control of your life. In this article, we’ll discuss motivational speech for success in life and more.

Become like Steve Jobs, who overcame so many of life’s obstacles and became the CEO of Apple. Success is within your grasp; you just don’t realize it.

Only through positivity, realism, and action can you begin to climb the ladder of success and make a big impact in the lives that surround you.

And this is where a good motivational speech comes into play. It can make all the difference in the world. You are the only person who can make things happen for yourself.

The most thought-defying motivational speeches aim only for the strong and bold.

Here’s Why:

They don’t want anything to do with the average because they’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears to triumph over suffering and combat hard times. They surround themselves with the right company and never give up.

After all, we can always relate to people and be inspired by them when we see that they’ve also been through life’s toughest challenges.

Try becoming one of the students of successful people, do as they do, and learn from them. Always imagine yourself doing great things and moving forward in life.

We seek positivity, contentment, and solace in people who have proved time and again that quitting is never the answer.

You need to strive for physical success and a positive mindset. Just like Oprah Winfrey, you can also aspire for English success and find inspiration in the best motivational speaking quotes.

Sure, while we welcome every bit of luck in our lives, the fact is, the true essence of life lies in experiencing the brunt of it.

Sometimes the way out of crippling stress and anxiety is through life’s perpetual curve balls. A motivational conversation can help inspire you to do great things.

You have to understand that the battles you are struggling to win are at times blessings in disguise. They are a way of teaching you the naked truths of your life and how you can achieve success.

And that is essentially what a motivational speech is all about. It is all about your strive and time management.

In the end, though, it falls upon us to take those challenges as lessons or to completely deny them. Never fear failure, embrace success. You have the power to change your destiny.

Motivational speeches are a wonderful source of boosting your confidence, finding your way through the darkness, achieving success, and reigniting your passion for inspiration again.

It doesn’t matter if you seek intense motivation to live a life without regrets or to summon the courage to set your goals and pursue your dreams, listening to motivational speeches is a great way to start your journey anew.

Want to Boost your Self-Esteem?

Never fear taking risks.

In light of this, we’re going to look at four powerful speeches that have undoubtedly changed lives. Let’s begin with the best motivational speakers to achieve success and stay motivated.

Top Four Motivational Speeches To Achieve Success in Life

1.      Randy Pausch’s Final Lecture

Why You Should Pursue Your Childhood Dreams

A deeply moving, powerful, and must-listen commencement speech was given by Randy Pausch, who during his last lecture was in the final stages of cancer.

He knew he did not have any more time left. If you haven’t heard this speech, you need to! This motivational talk level is off the charts.

What’s deeply impactful about the speech is the fact that despite being a terminal cancer patient, Pausch used what little time he had to deliver a motivational lecture rather than something sad and tear-jerking.

He talked about the types of dreams he had as a child. The goals he made when he was a kid and how he wasn’t able to fulfil a lot of his dreams and what life taught him growing up.

Along with discussing why people should value relationships, pay heed to karma, and try to be as content with life as they can, Pausch also spoke about how you should never let failure hold you down.

He emphasized why it is so important to value your time, how you should invest that time, and to never quit. It is truly amidst the best inspirational speeches you can find.

The speech may make a huge difference in your life.

2.      J.K. Rowling

Why You Should Learn from Failure

Rowling’s speech at Harvard University made a powerful impact. In the speech, she spoke about how failure should never be frowned upon.

She is regarded as among the most revered motivational speakers. The words she spoke will be forever remembered.

Instead, it should be looked at as a sort of fringe benefit to succeed, especially if you’re aiming for something big in life.

Here’s the Deal:

J.K. Rowling herself came from a deeply humble background. She was dealt a difficult hand dealing with borderline poverty and hunger along with the responsibility of taking care of her children.

But she made it big through constant motivation and sheer willpower.

The motivational speech is more of a touching story of how she stood tall against crippling adversity to accomplish her goals and make her dreams come true.

She speaks about why failing can often be a powerful motivator to act.

3.      Arunima Sinha

Climbing Back Up from the Depths of Hell

This motivational speech is for those who have been repeatedly struck down by life and how making progress is possible. Sinha’s story is one of utter bravery, confidence, and sheer willpower.

It is regarded as one of the best motivational speeches for success.

Arunima Sinha was a victim of a brutal robbery. The incident left her both physically and psychologically scarred. But she created another world for herself through hard work and determination.

She sustained grotesque injuries in the past, enough to permanently end her career as a professional athlete. What did she do?

Through motivation, she chose to combat adversity, realigned her goals and ambitions, and lives the successful life she rightly deserved. Her commitment to being successful was indomitable.

Sinha’s motivational speech is about how you can do anything you set your mind to, how you can tap into your inner self to take a hit and never quit.

The inspiring speech is about how you can embrace failure and take risks to further your goals, and adopt the habits and thought patterns of successful people.

4.      Turia Pitt

Discovering Your True Potential

A light-hearted yet deeply motivating speech and commencement address. Turia Pitt was participating in a super-marathon in Australia when she found herself trapped in a blazing fire.

The fire was huge and uncontrollable, and Pitt suffered third-degree burns on almost her entire body. Her discussion is considered the best motivational speech.

Nonetheless, through motivation, sheer willpower, a never-quitting attitude, and her unyielding strength, Pitt was able to overcome this tragedy and became a powerful source of inspiration to people.

Along with talking about how we can all overcome even life’s most harrowing events, she also discussed how we tend to overthink some of the most unimportant things in life.

It is a rather impactful and motivational speech on success.

This motivational speech is great for understanding how we don’t have to wear so many masks in life and to spend time wisely. It is truly one of the most inspirational speeches you will ever hear.

Things You Should Do to Stay Motivate and Maintain Your Self-Esteem No Matter What

Take Long Hard Look in the Mirror and Make Some Affirmations

While this may seem a bit weird, rest assured it is an excellent way to help boost your self-esteem. In addition, it’s pretty simple to do and is one of the best habit-forming ideas you can do.

Enhancing your self-esteem and becoming motivated is all about coming to terms with yourself.

So, standing right in front of the mirror, keep looking at yourself and say that you have done good, and you are enough. Try listening to Avram Glazer’s motivational speech at Tulane University.

Keep repeating that you will always be enough. Positive affirmations help make us realize that we’re doing our best to stay afloat and pursue our dreams. It is a way to get inspired and set a future for yourself.

It is a way of staying content, motivated, and confident. Try doing it for 10-15 minutes every day and you’ll see a change in your self-esteem, for the better.

Motivation is the doorway to limitless potential. Keep speaking affirmation words to yourself to always stay positive and pursue your dream and happiness.

Maintain Your Life’s Objectives and Goals in Writing

Wondering How You Can Stay Motivated?

Another way to stay positive and motivated is to have a goal. It can be anything so as long as there is something you are pursuing. The point is you need to set your mind on the right track.

Next, list down the top 5-10 things you would like to accomplish in your life, it can be buying a car, getting a better job, starting a business, getting married, etc. It can also be watching a motivational video.

The point is, you should constantly remind yourself that you need to take care of the things that matter to you. Try listening to Tony Robbins, who is amongst the most successful people in the world.

Take Up a Productive Hobby or Learn a Skill

Preoccupying your mind with productive activities like learning new skills or reading books is another way of challenging yourself.

Even listening to a short speech or long speech can make a difference for most people. Remember, hard work makes all the difference. You, yourself, are the best motivation!

Life is all about getting yourself out of your comfort zone and doing hard work. And the best way to push your limit is to learn anything new that can help further your goals.

Start by watching a good motivational speech and don’t be afraid to fail. Through motivation, you will reign supreme.

Bottom Line

So there you have it. A look at some of the best motivational speeches that you should see to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and morale.

 If you think someone sounds unfit, recommend them one of these speeches to make their day. Most people are too afraid to fail, don’t be one of them. Never be afraid to inspire others!

No matter how hard life gets, no matter where you are in the world, know that you have the strength and character to overcome it all. Listen to any motivational speech and reignite your self-esteem.

In all, these are the best motivational speeches of all time. They inspiring, at times funny, and tear-jerking.

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